Defective Tires And The Devastating Scenarios They Could Lead To

Tires on cars do not get the respect and attention they deserve. And this is quite unfortunate,since a tire is the only part of a car that comes in physical contact with the tarmac. Not to mention,tires are critical to vehicle braking and handling.

Therefore,if a tire doesn’t perform optimally or fails,your vehicle could become uncontrollable and end up in an accident causing human injuries or even fatalities. A survey states that close to 15,000 road accidents in America are caused by issues with the vehicles’ tires.

When defective tires cause a car crash,the results could be disastrous. The car could roll over,go off its path,or swerve into vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Not just the driver and the car’s passengers,but even innocent motorists and pedestrians could get hurt.

Once a car or road accident happens,the cops spring into action and carry out an investigation. If the investigation report states the accident was due to a defective tire,you could file a case against the tire retailer,manufacturer or distributor.

According to [dcl=6963],the defects most commonly found in tires are tread separation,older tires,bad puncture repair,manufacturing defects,retread failure,tread separation and steel belt,tires that aren’t ideal for the vehicle,damage caused while mounting the tire,tires made with inadequate safety design features,etc. These are defects that tire sellers could be held responsible for.

These defects may cause a range of hazards. For instance,the separation of metal and rubber could lead to a blowout. This may lead to loss of control over the vehicle,especially when the car is moving at high speeds.

To prevent such dangerous scenarios,the car tire must be routinely inspected for sidewall cracks or cuts,tire bulges or blisters,overly worn tread,uneven tread wear,excess vibration,etc. These signs indicate your tires need assistance.

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