Hurt In An Accident With An 18-Wheeler

There are many possible causes of 18-wheeler accidents. The most common,however,is driver fatigue. This is because drivers of 18-wheeler trucks are often forced to drive over long distances to make more money. After all,they are usually paid based on the distance they cover. Another common cause of 18-wheeler accidents is poor loading. This can be overloading,failure to properly secure loads and poor placement of loads on the truck. Driving while under the influence,poor weather,poor roads,obstructions on the road and icy roads are also known for causing 18-wheeler accidents.

It is important to note that 18-wheelers,whether empty or loaded,are heavy commercial vehicles that can easily crush small cars or trucks. That is why accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks are usually serious. When you have been hurt in an accident with an 18-wheeler,it is crucial you hire a competent[dcl=6613] to help you get some sense of justice. After all,you might have been seriously injured in the accident. In fact,you might have been maimed or paralyzed in the crash.

Hiring the Right Attorney

There are many[dcl=6613] you can hire when you need legal representation after getting injured in an 18-wheeler accident. Below are the main factors to consider when looking for a suitable lawyer to represent you during settlement negotiations or trial in court:

i) Experience

The ideal lawyer must have previously represented clients in hundreds of accident cases involving 18-wheeler accidents. They must have also been in the legal field for many years. Experienced lawyers know how to effectively represent clients and get the desired results.

ii) Legal Fees

The ideal attorney must charge a competitive contingency fee. While many lawyers normally charge a contingency fee of 40%,others usually charge 30% or less,but can offer quality services. Be sure to also compare the success rates of different lawyers before making a decision.

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