One Tale of the Ultimate Philadelphia Eagles Fan

There are a lot of passionate fan bases in the NFL. From the Dog Pound in Cleveland, to the Black Hole in Oakland, to the Lambeau faithful that actually give Packers’ players a ride to the facility during training camp, fans of the NFL will stop at nothing to support their team. Another team that has just as passionate of a fan base as any other is the Philadelphia Eagles. This is a story about one fan of the Eagles, Barry Vagnoni.[dcl=6315]

Fly Eagles Fly

Vagnoni is a resident of Reading, PA. He is a father of two children, and a grandfather to six more. Since 1964 he has been a diehard fan of his Philadelphia Eagles. Since that time he has seen a lot of great teams and players come and go, but the 2017 Eagles might be his favorite. In February of 2018, that Eagles team, with their backup quarterback starting no less, upset the Tom Brady led New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Since that game, loads of fans have begun to collect Eagles memorabilia, but they have a long way to go to catch the impressive collection that Vagnoni has started. In 2000, he decided that the way he wanted to spend his retirement, was by honoring his favorite football team. So, he began crafting a 2000 sq ft man cave that he has dubbed “The Locker Room.”[dcl=6315] here

Obey the Rules

This room is more of an experience than an area. It features a 35 foot bar, 16 televisions, stadium seating, and more Eagles memorabilia than you can count. It is not uncommon for him to have 150 guests for an Eagles game on any given Sunday.

Barring a few rules, one of which is that only Eagles clothing will be allowed, and only the Eagles are allowed to be rooted for, Vagnoni has no problems sharing his beloved room with fans from all over the area.[dcl=6315] to see more.

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