Why Mobile Security Guards Are a Great Idea

Security is one area that all firms have to think about and it covers quite a few areas. These days,with all the news,IT security is often at the front of the mind,but there is the matter of physical security too. The cost of having on site,permanent security patrols are often out of the question for most small and medium sized firms and in these instances mobile security patrols can be the answer for you,your staff,and your customers.

Here are 3 reasons that mobile security patrols can be the answer to your security problems:-

1. A Great Deterrent

Mobile security patrols are just that,mobile,and this means that unlike static guards,they can cover many areas over a period of time,and yet can also visit the same area many times too. Add in the feature of not doing this in a routine manner (varying the times of each check) and you get a highly effective deterrent. With most criminal activity being typically opportunistic,most possible perpetrators having seen that security patrols are conducting regular spot checks are very likely to move on to an easier target. Besides this,they can also move very quickly when the alarm is raised or one is triggered,thus leaving perpetrators with less time to escape. These fast response times also give any staff that may be in danger,a greater sense of security and increase their sense of wellbeing,this being especially important in the case of ‘lone workers’.

2. Many Checks Are Possible

Static guards typically just carry out security checks within the business premises,or on the periphery,for instance at the gates. On the other hand mobile security patrols can carry out a much wider variety of external checks. This allows protection for areas that are not covered by CCTV cameras. Thus they can check for signs of a forced entry on the perimeter fence,whilst also looking for vandalisms or graffiti. Plus of course they can also monitor for any suspicious activity within the vicinity of the premises.

3. They Are Cost Effectiveness

Some firms may simply not be able to pay for a full time security guard to protect their company,premises,or property. In these instances mobile security patrols offer a highly cost-effective solution. This is easy to understand as unlike static on-site patrols who have to be paid all the time they are on shift,mobile security patrol companies only charge for the time spent actually patrolling a premises. The downside of this choice is that you will not have a full time security presence,but given the fact that such patrols can cover such a big area,and that the frequency of how often they check is really down to you (and your budget) means that it can really be just what is required.

Summing Up

So,if you are considering your firms security,or if you have always asked yourself “why should I choose to use mobile security patrols?”,you now have three compelling reasons to take this path. All you need to do is find the right security company to provide the necessary level of service,one that fully meets your firms needs and is one that you can afford.

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